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Martin Kumm

Welcome to my personal homepage! I'm a Professor in the faculty of Applied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda in Germany. My research interests are arithmetic circuits and their optimization in the context of reconfigurable systems (FPGAs). To get a idea about my research interests, please look into my Publications, to get a better idea about me, look in my CV. Personally, I'm interested in many topics from electronics, programming, and radio amateur (my callsign is DC3MKB).


To get an impression about my research, here is a word cloud from all my papers until 2019:

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10th June, 2018

Our paper “Advanced Compressor Tree Synthesis for FPGAs” by Martin Kumm and Johannes Kappauf was selected as featured paper of the month in the August 2018 issue of IEEE Transactions on Computers! There are video presentations in English, Chinese and Spanish available. See!

27th June, 2018


I‘m happy to announce that our paper “Karatsuba with rectangular multipliers for FPGAs” by Martin Kumm, Oscar Gustafsson, Florent de Dinechin, Johannes Kappauf, and Peter Zipf won the best paper award at the IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic!

3rd April, 2018

The paper “Optimal Constant Multiplication using Integer Linear Programming”, originaly sent to the ISCAS conference was invited and now finally accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, Special Issue on the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems. According to the Guest Editorial , 34 papers out of 1715 submitted papers were selected for this issue.

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