SMD Soldering Station for Weller Soldering Tips

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Article in Elektor Magazine JULY & AUGUST 2015

A port to the Platino board was published in the July/August issue of the Elektor Magazine:

Elektor Website.

Article in Funkamateur Magazine 07/2014

A detailed description of the project can be found in the July issue of the Funkamateur Magazine.

Project Description

This page provides documents about a cheap SMD solder station built as an Arduino shield (Arduino UNO). It supports active soldering tips from Weller (RT series) which contain the heating element as well as a sensor and provides a standard 3.5 mm jack. Together with the corresponding female connector you will get a compact SMD soldering iron (see pictures below) with very fast heat up times of a few seconds.

The shield consists of a low-noise amplifier for measuring the temperature via the ADC of the AVR, a power MOSFET stage to control the heating using PWM and a 7-segment LED display and push buttons for setting and displaying the temperature. The controller is realized digitally on the AVR.

Hardware and software are open source.

See also the corresponding website at Elektor Labs!

Top view of the arduino shield

Top view of the arduino shield


Connection diagram of the RT solder tip

Connection diagram of the RT solder tip

Complete soldering station including case and power supply

Complete soldering station including case and power supply


Attention: All documents (schematics, PCB layout) and source code are exclusively for non-commercial use. Any commercial usage (distribution, production, further developments) are only allowed by my explicit approval.



old files:



Eagle Files

Arduino Sources

rt_solder_Station_v1_1.ino (added support for external standby switch)

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